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Varsity Liquors' Wines of the Month
August 2001

Summers oppressive heat is upon us and we are all seeking some way to combat the discomfort brought on by New Jersey's typical August weather. Our advice consists of a chilled glass or two of one of our specially chosen Dog-Day wines, you're nearest porch or patio, and the company of friends and neighbors.

Christian Bernard Moulin-à-Vent 2000, Beaujolais France
Summers' heat discourages the consumption of those big, tannic, Cabernets and Shiraz that we all enjoy so much. A nice alternative involves a trip to the French region of Beaujolais. This area is known more for the hoopla surrounding Beaujolais Nouveau, than for any measure of quality achieved by its wines. However, with a little effort, you can achieve wines that possess lip-smacking fruit in a lighter style that is perfect for the more sweltering days this summer. Also, don't feel as if you can't leave it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes to cool it down just a bit before opening.

Geyser Peak Gewürztraminer 2000, California
Gewürztraminer has become the most popular choice of wine among experts when the cuisine being served is Chinese, or Thai, or Indian, or California fusion; or any other cuisine where the ingredients bring together spice and sweet in such a way to confound most traditional wine selections. The reason for this is the Gewurtztraminers' own balance of spicy and floral aromas with a slightly sweet flavour to balance the heat present in many of these dishes. This particular wine is a very fresh and youthful example that brings the qualities of the varietal home.

Bruno Verdi "Sangue di Giuda" Paradiso 2000, Italy
This wine continues our tradition of featuring a dessert wine in August, for no apparent reason. A wine like this also represents our efforts to seek out the unusual and unique offerings in the wine world. A blend of the grapes Bonarda, Uva Rara, and Barbera, it is a lightly "frizzante" wine that is slightly sweet with a ruby-violet color and a very fruity palette. It should be served chilled like a sparkling wine, and paired with fresh fruit and desserts.

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