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February 2003

Coleman Vineyard Estate Pinot Gris Willamette Valley 2001

Pinot Gris is perhaps the best “food wine” of all white wines out there.  Coleman is a great example of this; unbelievably crisp, refreshing and not manipulated.  The wine sees all stainless steel fermentation and no oak or malolactic fermentation. This wine offers a great balance of fruit and zing; including peach, citrus and a slight touch of honey, that lasts and lasts on the finish. If by chance you are going to the Blue Point Grill for dinner bring the wine along. It can also be paired with white meats.


Terra Sana Red 2000

From the warm, dry region of Southern France, Saint Chinian, comes this big time fruit bomb.  Maybe the ideal wine for Homer Simpson, since it is bursting with raspberry and jammy fruit flavors that reminds one of a jelly donut.  The wine is 100% certified organic and is full bodied and well rounded.  A blend of Grenache and Syrah that makes it taste more Australian than French in flavor, because it is so fruit forward.  The wine pairs very well with hot and spicy cuisine or may be one of the few wines that are better without food.


Chateau Les Ricards Premieres Cotes De Blaye 1999

The village of Blaye is one of the oldest wine producing regions of Bordeaux, actually much older then the more renowned Medoc.  Les Ricards is not a pushover by any means, primarily merlot based it has a rich, supple flavors of cherry and anise and a long finish to balance the wine.  Great with any meal that calls for a medium bodied red wine.

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