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Varsity Liquors' Wines of the Month
July 2002

Fat Cat Chardonnay 2000, East Coast New Zealand
Here is a cat with a sense of humor and a play-full streak a mile wide. This fun-loving Chardonnay sees full-Barrel fermentation and an additional five months of aging to impart those creamy, oaky, characteristics so popular in a great many California Chardonnays. Add that to grapes ripened in the cool climate of New Zealand and what you have is a wine that is easy to enjoy under any circumstance. This wine would be best consumed on its own or with light appetizers by the patio on a sunny summer afternoon.

Rooiburg Pinotage 2000, Vinkrivier South Africa
The grape that this wine is made from is looked upon as the national grape of South Africa, being responsible for wines of great personality and individualistic expression. It was created in the 1920's by crossing Pinot Noir with the southern French Grape Cinsault. In this wine they combine to produce a bright nose of cherry fruit, with hints of earth reminiscent of a Pinot Noir. The flavor however, is more robust and chewy with dark fruit and herbs d'Provence leading the way. Its full-bodied style makes it an excellent choice for steaks or chops and would also pair well with almost anything prepared on the grill.

Newton Claret 1998, Napa California
The term Claret has been used by the English to describe red wine from Bordeaux for at least the last four centuries. As winemaking spread to California this moniker was applied to wines that utilize the grapes that have made Bordeaux synonous with fine wine. This wine is a blend composed predominantly of merlot with the balance consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon and a little Cabernet Franc. This well-balanced wine offers up aromas of black fruits and cedar that lead into a medium bodied wine with good crisp acidity. It is not the sort of wine that bowls you over; its quality lies in its versatility. This wine would be a good choice for full-flavored dishes such as Chicken Cacciatore or Pork Chops with a Chinese 5 Spice marinade.

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